Floating Stairs

The term “floating stair” is another name for a free standing stair or a self-supporting stair. Essentially a floating or free standing stair means you can see under or over the staircase. There are no walls obstructing the view in, around, or under the staircase. Floating stairs can be designed in nearly any style from an ultra-modern interpretation to a very traditional colonial design. If you want to make a particular area of a home or business a focal point such as a view of a beautifully landscaped yard or a specialized room with unique features, a floating stair is ideal because you can “see through it” and appreciate the backdrop.

Material Considerations for Floating Stairs

There really are no limitations regarding which materials can be used for a floating staircase design. All materials that can be used in a traditional supported staircase can be used for floating stairs; they just need to be engineered appropriately to exclude the walls around the staircase.

Floating Stairs Are Ideal for Residential as well as Commercial Projects.

In our experience at Great Lakes Stair, we have designed and built a wide variety of floating stairs for both residential homes as well as commercial and business settings. All it takes is a creative vision and unique design to integrate a floating staircase into a residential or business space.

Great Lakes Stair – Your Best Choice for Floating Stair Design, Manufacture & Installation of Floating Stairs

With our over 32 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of a tremendous variety of floating stairs, Great Lakes Stair is your ideal partner in designing and implementing a floating staircase in your home or business. Over the years we have learned what works best for floating stairs, but perhaps more importantly what doesn’t work, and we convey this to our customers. We go to great lengths to understand the desired end result of our customer’s vision and ensure that we can deliver a beautiful free standing floating stair that meets that vision. We don’t expect our customers to know everything about floating stairs, that’s why they come to us. We make sure we go over all the pros and cons (if any) of our customers’ ideas so that the final product is a delight and lasts a lifetime.

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