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Getting Started on A Custom Circular Stairs Project

Interested in a custom circular staircase for your home or business? At Great Lakes Stair, we make the process easy! We invite you to look through our staircase galleries on to get some ideas of what you may (or may not) like. Additionally, as you do your research save internet links, photos, articles, and any printed literature that encapsulates from a high level what you have in mind for a custom circular staircase. When you’re ready, give us a call at Great Lakes Stair and speak with one of our stair specialists. We will listen to your ideas and needs and get a feel for what you want, and then collaborate with you to hone in on the design of the custom circular stair, what is possible (or not), where we can save money, and talk through your project and needs. We’ll invite you to share your photos and other research so we can understand fully what your vision and expectations are for a custom circular staircase.

Great Lakes Stair has been designing and manufacturing custom circular stairs for over 32 years and during that time we have really discovered what works, what doesn’t, and can help and advise our customers on bringing their staircase dreams to life. After our initial discussions where we share ideas and ballpark pricing, we will enter into a design services agreement to begin designing the circular stairs. We can provide 3D cad models which will approximate what your custom circular stairs could look like. During this process we fine tune the staircase design until the customer is satisfied and comfortable moving forward.

When you are working with Great Lakes Stair, the company ownership is heavily involved in discussing the stair projects with the customers. You’ll be getting firsthand knowledge, language and expertise about custom circular staircases. When you call Great Lakes Stair, you’ll be greeted by an actual person who can begin the conversation about your staircase project. No phone queues or endless prompts to find someone to help you. We pride ourselves on providing that old world personal touch when it comes to talking about your custom staircase project.

Another important distinguishing factor about Great Lakes Stair is that we don’t tell people what they want. We listen to their needs and advise customers on the most practical ways of turning their vision into reality.

Custom Circular Stairs Considerations

A circular staircase is a stair system that does a circular motion fitting within a circle, and typically will turn more than 90 degrees. Stairs that turn less than 90 degrees are typically called curved stairs. At Great Lakes Stair we don’t have too many restrictions or constraints when designing custom circular stairs unlike other companies which may only work within a certain set of dimensions. We can design circular stairs around nearly any radius that are customers can dream up! Many companies take the approach of “these are the radiuses we make; you have to fit it in your house”. But not at Great Lakes Stair, we love taking on the tough, challenging projects and delivering a one-of-a-kind solution that will fit perfectly in your home. When working with a custom stair project, the master craftspeople at Great Lakes Stair prefer to make whatever elements are required for the project, not simply pulling premade parts of the shelf into a project where they don’t belong.

At Great Lakes Stair, Custom Doesn’t Need to Be a One Off

While the team here at Great Lakes Stair enjoys the challenge of creating unique, one-of-a-kind circular stairs, we also have the ability to put that design in a production environment for larger projects like hotel chains or assisted living facilities. We recently completed a project of 88 staircases where we offered a selection of 5 different circular stairs styles, with each individual stair having customizable elements based on the customer’s requests. While other stair manufacturers will offer a one size fits all solution, Great Lakes Stair strives to offer as much customization as possible with our circular stair projects.

Great Lakes Stair Your Best Choice for Custom Circular Stairs!

Ready to have a conversation about your custom circular staircase? Give us a call today at 800-507-8247 or fill out the request form and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you!

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