Why Choose Us

Choosing a correct and knowledgeable Stair Manufacturer for your project will give you the peace of mind necessary involving this important purchase / contracting decision.

We at The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Co. are a Custom Stair fabrication and installation company, and nothing but that.  We had many opportunities to spur off other divisions of our company over the years, but we stayed true to ourselves and what we do and never vied from the original mission.  Because of this vision, we are proud to say that we are extremely talented and proficient at what we do.

Below are 6 important factors you will find with “The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company”, should you select us to help you with your Custom Stair project. 

Fun Fact; we registered www.stair.com  back in the mid Nineties and we were one of the very first stair manufacturing websites on the internet.

  1. Experience: Experience does matter with this trade! – After 34 years in the Custom Stair Building Industry, we have been around the block a few times when it comes to Custom Stair Projects and we will give you the confidence of knowing that we can handle your project with the proper tenacity it deserves.
    1. We listen to our customers and do not tell our customers what they want. Many stair companies will point you to one of their “Standards”  …we only build you what you desire for your project.
    2. We know how to work with Builders, Architects, Interior Designers, Homeowners, Supply Businesses and Lumberyards when it comes to custom stair projects. Communication is key. Documentation is key.  We pride ourselves on documenting all conversations with e-mails and keeping everyone involved with the project all on the same page!
    3. We know the questions to ask, the problems to avoid and everything in between. We will tell you when we see potential issues with a project, but more importantly, give you solutions to keep you moving forward.
    4. We keep the process simple and talk with you….and not at you. We listen to your needs and provide you what you are looking for. We also give you our wealth of knowledge for additional design ideas based on the thousands of jobs we have completed.
    5. We are the Stair Industry Pioneer for offering many turnkey solutions for your project;
      1. Field visit and site measuring services anywhere in the world
      2. Full scale field templates sent to job prior to fabrication, if desired.
      3. Engineered Stamped Drawings are available
      4. Tailgate delivery to your jobsite
      5. Complete Installation services anywhere in the world
      6. Custom high-end pre-finishing services.
      7. All the knowledge and learned lessons that comes with being in business for 31 years.
  2. Verifiable deliverables- Many things differentiate us from other stair companies, but the most important feature to our company is our is our Extensive List of Satisfied Customers.  We have had thousands of Customers over the years, but our testimonials from these great people set us clearly apart from all another other Stair Manufacturers in the stair industry.  Please inquire about references in your area.
  3. Abilities – We pride ourselves in building projects others will shy away from.  The harder, more difficult jobs have earned us lifetime friends in the industry. Our abilities are almost infinite…..we like to challenge ourselves and create “Works or Art” with every staircase that leaves our facility.  You Dream it, we build it!
  4. Facility – Our facility has been our home to us for over 27 years. We are a bricks and Mortar company with the same land line phone number for 31 years.. After humble beginnings in a small garage with an outdoor porta-potty back in 1990, we quickly grew into our 40,000 square foot facility on a 33 acre campus as the demand for our stairs across the United States increased.
  5. Shop Fabricated vs. Field built – Your Custom Stair System is no different than your kitchen cabinets.  You will spend time with a kitchen layout specialist, go to a kitchen cabinet showroom to see the different products, then make a final selection of who your Kitchen Cabinet Contractor will be. You also select your color finish for these cabinets and have it perfectly shop applied prior to delivery. It would be hard to imagine and understandably impossible to finish any cabinetry at a jobsite and expect a proper high-end furniture grade finish.

     Think of your custom stair system the same way!

    While building custom stairs in the field are possible, so is building kitchen cabinets. You will never see a Trim carpenter building custom cabinets in a custom home due to the numerous quality control issues they will face at a jobsite.

    The same goes for your stair system.

    It is improbable if not impossible to get the quality you deserve with this custom piece of furniture that WILL BE a lasting focal point of your home, if your stairs are built at your jobsite.

  6. Safety: It is a well-known fact that over 90% of the personal accidents that happen in a home involve stairs.  Many of these accidents can be prevented with proper design, fabrication and installation.  We at Great Lakes Stair pride ourselves in our “safety first design attitude” as everything else with this process is secondary. The very first thing we do in your design process is make sure your stair meets or exceeds code for your location.  We work together to achieve code compliance first and foremost, then move forward with other design aspects of your stair project to make your dream become reality.

In short, handcrafted pre-fabricated custom stairs from The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. will ensure exacting quality that is hand built in a facility that only fabricates custom stairs.  Expect custom cabinet quality with your New Custom stair system.

“The stair system is a major focal point in your home, it is a very functional piece of furniture and will be used multiple times daily by your family and guests.  The staircase is also the place in the home where family photos are taken and usually the first and last thing people see in the home when arriving and leaving……creating an everlasting impression of your home.”

Pick up the phone and call us at 330-225-2005 for our “Inspiration through installation” approach to your project. The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Co. is your full service custom stair system company ready to help you today.