Custom, Semi-Custom or Standard Spiral Stairs

At Great Lakes Stair we receive a lot of custom inquiries regarding spiral stairs and many of those are questions about what makes a spiral stair custom as compared to a production spiral stair. A spiral staircase is a stair system that wraps around a center pole. There are three types of spiral staircases:

Custom: every part of the spiral staircase is fabricated to a specific specification. In a custom spiral stair, the design, engineering, mathematics, and material choices are all custom selected to work with the customer’s space and to achieve their vision for the staircase.

Semi-Custom: some parts of the spiral stair can be pre-developed or manufactured whether metal or wood that conform to certain code specifications, but other parts can be customized such as handrails or tread materials. Semi-custom spiral stairs can generally be manipulated to fit the majority of spaces that we encounter and can have more material choices. You are able to take advantage of standard components and design but manipulate the staircase to suit your needs.

Standard: these spiral stairs are generally pre-produced as a one-size-fits-all and you manipulate your home or business to fit the particular spiral stair item. Sometimes these stairs work well but there are drawbacks to consider. For example, sometimes where a customer wants to enter or exit the spiral stair doesn’t work the way they need based on how it was designed and manufactured. With a custom or semi-custom we have more control to make the spiral stair work in the customer’s space. With production stairs you also may be limited to what materials are available with the staircase.

Understanding Your Spiral Staircase Needs

When we work with customers at Great Lakes Stair, we are able to interview our customers and understand their needs and recommend the best spiral stair for their space. It’s really helpful when customers have a good idea of what they want to do, and perhaps have saved photos of other spiral stairs they have seen. We can guide them on what is possible to do with a production or semi-custom spiral stair or advise them that to achieve the desired result a full custom spiral stair design will be required.

Great Lakes Stair – Your Most Experienced Spiral Stair Manufacturer

When you are considering a spiral staircase for your home or commercial property, reach out to Great Lakes Stair with your ideas and plans and we can help guide you in what spiral staircase, whether custom, semi-custom, or production, will work best in your space and provide a ballpark budget.  

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