Designing Safer Stairs for Senior Citizens

At Great Lakes Stair we take great pride in designing and building functional stairs for our elderly seniors that allow them the dignity of ageing in place in their homes with a staircase that is easier to go up and down. The idea of modifying staircases to make them easier to traverse for seniors was borne out of watching our own parents age and begin to struggle with getting up and down their stairs. For seniors who elect to age in place in their homes, one of the biggest challenges they face is navigating and traversing the staircases both into and out of the home, as well as up and down to 2nd and 3rd floors, basements, attics and lofts.

Oftentimes what we see in these cases is that seniors are electing to stay in a home they have been living in for many years. So, we are dealing with a home that is fairly old and was built when building codes were not as friendly as they are in modern times. For example, staircases of past eras had a much taller riser and a much narrower tread, which can make traversing the steps much more difficult for our seniors.

In many cases our designers are able to modify existing stairs to add additional treads and risers as well as ADA approved hand railings that are easier to grasp and hold to make the staircases more comfortable and easier for seniors to traverse the stair, and to provide better footing on a wider tread to feel more comfortable going up and down the stairs. These types of staircase modifications could make the difference for seniors to be able to stay in their homes longer while maintaining an acceptable level of safety. The relief and joy we see on our senior customers faces after we have modified their stairs to make them easier and more comfortable to walk on is very satisfying and rewarding for the team here at Great Lakes Stair!

Great Lakes Stair: Taking a Leadership Role in Designing and Modifying Stairs for Seniors

For 33 years, Great Lakes Stair has been designing and building custom staircases for all types of specialty situations and spaces. We bring all those years of knowledge and experience to each one of our custom staircase projects especially when we are doing a specialty stair design or remodel to improve a staircase for our senior customers. Building custom stairs is all we do!

Think of this analogy, if you need a knee replacement you wouldn’t go to your general practitioner doctor, you would seek out a doctor that specializes in knee replacements and has performed many knee replacements successfully. The same thing is true when it comes to custom staircases for our elderly senior citizens. Through our extensive stair building background we can design and implement the modifications necessary to make stairs easier and more comfortable for seniors to navigate, allowing them to stay in their homes longer.

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