What Is Needed to Quote a Spiral Stair Project

Any staircase project has a lot of variables to consider, and it is important for customers to be able to provide the required information to a staircase manufacturer to ensure having a successful project. This is especially important for a spiral stair project.

At Great Lakes Stair we start by asking our customers to describe in their own terms what they are trying to accomplish with their spiral stair project. What problems are they trying to solve? With over 33 years of experience in designing and producing spiral stairs, we are often able to understand and decipher what customers are telling us they want to accomplish with their spiral stair project.

We also will ask customers to provide photos of the area where they are considering installing a spiral stair. Additionally, if a blue print or plan is available we will request that along with even sketches of what the customer has in mind. We also request any inspiration photos that they have seen or collected that are examples of what they are looking for in their spiral stair project.

We will also request two dimensions: the overall height from floor-to-floor and the overall diameter or width of the spiral stair.

All of these items give Great Lakes Stair a general idea of what the customer is trying to achieve with their spiral stair project and will allow to provide a quote on the project.

Great Lakes Stair – Creating Successful Spiral Stair Projects for over 33 years!

At Great Lakes Stair we have been designing and manufacturing spiral stair projects for over 33 years! We take a very collaborative approach with our customers when taking on a spiral staircase project, our goal is to turn your vision into a reality. We do not produce any base or entry level products; all our spiral staircase solutions range from semi-custom to all custom designed and hand fabricated projects. Remember, one size does not fit all when it comes to spiral stairs. The inexpensive commodity spiral stair market and cheap prices will only lead to problems. We routinely replace commodity spiral staircase kits that were poorly constructed and/or installed by unqualified individuals. Lastly, if it resembles a one size fits all “Erector Set” it typically is.

Please give us a call at 330-225-2005 when you are considering purchasing a spiral staircase; the specialists at The Great Lakes Stair Company will ensure you get the right spiral stair for your needs, at the right price for your budget along with optional expert installation for a spiral staircase that will last a lifetime.

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