How To Compare Spiral Stair Manufacturers

There is a lot to think about when you are considering a spiral stair project. When you are reviewing spiral stair manufacturers it is important to understand the types of stairs that the manufacturer produces. Spiral stair manufacturers are not all the same – each manufacturer approaches projects differently, or specializes in different types of spiral stair production. What one spiral stair manufacturer considers “standard” another may view as “custom”. Additionally, you want to make sure that the spiral stair manufacturer you are considering has complete design capability and can help you understand the building codes that you will have to adhere to in your area.

Spiral stair manufacturers offer different levels of quality for the spiral stairs they produce depending on the project. You want to ensure that the manufacturer will make you a spiral stair that is the best solution for your project. Often times we talk to customers who have tried a “one size fits all” spiral stair product for their project but were unhappy with the final result.

What sets Great Lakes Stairs apart in the spiral stair industry is that the spiral stairs we make for our customers are custom designed and built for their project. We go through all the specifications with our customers including the height and diameter and understanding the space where the spiral stair will be installed. We discuss with our customers how they want the handrail system to look and function, what type of treads they want to use, as well as other aesthetic questions such as materials, choice of woods or metal, color, and pre-finishing services. We offer many different options for our spiral stair projects – options that other spiral stair manufacturers don’t offer.  

Great Lakes Stair, Your Number One Choice for a Spiral Stair Manufacturer

At Great Lakes Stair we strive to accommodate our customers’ needs at a price they are comfortable with for the project they will be receiving. With over 33 years of custom staircase design, production and installation, we know exactly what questions to ask about your spiral staircase project and we understand your needs as a customer. We can save our customers time and money because in all of our years of experience, we’ve seen what works best and what doesn’t and can help educate and guide our customers on their spiral staircase projects.

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