Straight Stairs Offer Beauty and Simplicity

At The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. we are working with customers all over the world to create unique, custom straight staircases for their homes and commercial projects. Straight staircases offer beauty and simplicity and are one of the most efficient uses of space for a stair system. Furthermore, they are the simplest form of stair to traverse due to the cadence of the walk pattern, which is quite easy to anticipate. Your feet and mind easily remember the walking pattern of a straight staircase, allowing quick and easy access from one floor to another in your home or commercial building.

Advantages of Straight Stairs

While simple in form, straight stairs can be gracious and grand as well with the right design and implementation. Typically used when you have longer walls or longer areas of run up against a wall, a straight staircase can add a degree of simplicity and elegance in your square or rectangular space. Additionally, straight stairs offer an easy path for moving furniture or other large items between floors.

Straight staircases offer an efficient use of material sizing, thus saving money.  And generally speaking, straight stairs are easier to layout and install, and are more economical than other types of staircases, such as circular or curved stairs.

Not all room shapes or layouts can accommodate a straight staircase, so be sure to contact us to discuss your project requirements and have one of our design specialists help you determine the best staircase approach for your space.

Your Number One Provider for Custom Straight Staircases

Straight stairs can be challenging sometimes due to space constraints and room size/shape in order to achieve building codes. With over 30 years of experience in designing and installing straight stairs, The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. is your number one provider for custom straight stairs. We have done thousands of straight staircase designs and installations and know how to make them function properly and look amazing in your commercial or residential project. We enjoy collaborating with our customers by sharing photos, evaluating your space, understanding your specifications, and then turning your dreams into reality!  Remember, straight stairs not only can be re-designed and replaced, they can also be remodeled, renovated or repaired…..let us help you decide what is best for your project.

Please give us a call at 330-225-2005 or contact us via email when you are considering a new staircase for your home or commercial project. Any of our stair specialists at The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. will work tirelessly to help you get the correct staircase design to fulfill your exact architectural desires and functional needs.   We will do this all at a price that works with your budget, along with optional expert installation and Premium Pre-finishing services, to provide a staircase that fits, functions and meets all of your design criteria.

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