Commercial Stairs: Beauty and Functionality Combine with Quality You Can Count On. Custom designed and manufactured by Great Lakes Stair

For over 30 years, the craftsmen at The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. have been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom commercial stairs for a wide variety of customers including:

  • Commercial office buildings
  • Institutional buildings such as hotels and nursing homes
  • Resorts
  • Historic renovations and replications

If you are a commercial contractor or architect, commercial building owner, supply house or wholesale provider give us a call today to discuss your project requirements. We will review your blueprints and specifications, discuss the anticipated end result, and work with you for a successful project outcome.

When It Comes To Commercial Stairs, Experience Matters

Our team at The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. have worked on hundreds of custom commercial stair projects and we bring this vast experience to each new project. We can offer suggestions based on similar stair projects we have completed prior that can help streamline your process and provide you with additional cost savings. We have been down the road many times before and we know what works and does not work when it comes to commercial stair projects.

Code-Compliant Commercial Stair Projects

One of the most challenging aspects involved in the production and installation of commercial stairs are the myriad of strict Commercial code requirements. With our 30 years of experience at Great Lakes Stair, we know the codes and specifications for commercial stair safety and collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that all code requirements are met for the project.

What Makes Great Lakes Stair the Best Choice For Commercial Stair Projects?

Quite simply, we have a 30+ year education on commercial stair projects! We know what questions to ask and what pitfalls to avoid when working on these types of stair projects. With our experience, we can save you money and ensure a successful outcome….every time.  We would not be in business today if we had not completed hundreds of commercial projects correctly and on time. Take advantage of our experience for your next commercial stair project, give us a call today to discuss your job and design requirements.

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