Different Materials That Can Be Used in the Construction of Spiral Stairs

When spiral stairs come to mind, people typically envision staircases constructed from wood or metal. Throughout history, wood and metal have been the primary materials used in the production of spiral stairs. However, thanks to the continuous progress in manufacturing technologies, we now have the ability to incorporate a diverse range of materials into spiral staircases. This allows us to better cater to our customers’ preferences, design aesthetics, and overall vision.

Thanks to recent advancements, we have the capability to blend a wide array of metals in the construction of spiral stairs, including steel, aluminum, cast iron, brass, and bronze. Moreover, we can integrate other elements such as wood, glass, and exterior deck materials into the design. In terms of colors, the options for spiral stairs have significantly expanded beyond the traditional white and black. Virtually any color can now be incorporated into the spiral stair system, granting limitless possibilities for customization. At Great Lakes Stair, we excel in combining these diverse materials and colors, resulting in the creation of truly unique spiral staircases that align with our customers’ design visions.

Depending on how the spiral stair will be used and whether it will be an interior or exterior staircase can also dictate what types of materials Great Lakes Stair may recommend. For example, if you require an exterior spiral stair that will be near a saltwater or freshwater environment we typically will recommend an aluminum powder coated finish for the design of the exterior spiral staircase. This type of approach to the design and materials of the spiral staircase will provide customers with a stair system that could last a generation before needing any maintenance. By way of comparison, if we did the same spiral stair in a laminated wood material it would look great, but it will require more maintenance and if that maintenance is not performed the spiral stair could deteriorate quickly.

The choice of materials is something customers need to take into consideration: do they want more of a maintenance free spiral stair system or are they looking for a particular design aesthetic.

For spiral stairs that will be inside a home or business customers can think about how the staircase will be used and that can guide the choice of materials. Since the inside of a building is not weather affected we can utilize more wood or steel in the design of a spiral staircase, which can be more cost effective than aluminum which we would recommend for an exterior spiral stair.  

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