Unique Design Elements of Spiral Stairs for Architectural Aesthetics

When most people think of spiral stairs they generally associate the staircase as being made of wood or metal. And historically spiral stairs have predominantly been made with wood and metal materials. But with the ongoing advancement in manufacturing technologies, we can now incorporate a wide variety of materials into a spiral staircase to better match customer’s tastes, likes, design and vision.

For example, many people are not aware that we bend glass all the way around a spiral staircase to give that unique style to perhaps match other glass balconies or railings that they may have in their home or business. As another example, customers may want an exterior spiral stair that goes from an upper outside deck to a lower area and incorporate the stair to blend in with the deck flooring material to bring everything together so it all matches. We can make spiral stairs match the entire deck system.

We can now combine many different metals into spirals stairs such as steel, aluminum, cast iron, brass or bronze and mix with wood, glass, and exterior deck materials. In addition to materials, colors for spiral stairs have been greatly expanded from the traditional white and black. Virtually any color now can be incorporated into the spiral stair system. At Great Lakes Stair we can combine all of these materials and colors to create a very unique spiral staircase that matches perfectly with the customer’s design vision.

In addition to new builds, we can also incorporate different materials and colors into remodeling jobs where a customer wants to match something existing but also make the spiral stair unique.  We suggest customers send us their inspirational photos or designs, tell us what they like or don’t like, and we can then incorporate their thoughts into a final design. This gives us the ultimate flexibility into giving the customer what they want.

Great Lakes Stair – Designing and Manufacturing Successful Spiral Stair Projects for over 33 years!

At Great Lakes Stair, we have an extensive 33-year track record in the design and manufacture of spiral stair projects. Our approach is deeply collaborative, as we prioritize working closely with our customers to bring their spiral staircase visions to life. We are dedicated to transforming your ideas into a tangible reality. Unlike other companies, we do not offer any base or entry-level products. Instead, our spiral staircase solutions range from semi-custom to fully custom-designed and meticulously hand-fabricated projects. We firmly believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to spiral stairs. Beware of the inexpensive commodity spiral stair market and its tempting cheap prices, as they often lead to complications and issues. We frequently encounter poorly constructed and improperly installed commodity spiral staircase kits, necessitating replacements. Remember, if it resembles a one-size-fits-all “Erector Set,” it usually is one.

Please give us a call when you are considering purchasing a spiral staircase; the specialists at The Great Lakes Stair Company will ensure you get the right spiral stair for your needs, at the right price for your budget along with optional expert installation for a spiral staircase that will last a lifetime.

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