Staircase Restoration: Restore Your Stairs To Their Original Beauty and Detail

The process of a staircase restoration involves bringing a staircase back to its original specifications and beauty. The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. has performed countless staircase restorations in our over 30-year history. These projects ranged from restorations of staircases in old historical or commercial buildings, to restorations of stairs that were damaged by water or fire.  We can match the exact detail of what used to be!

Often in restoration projects we are working on a staircase that was designed many, many years ago and the architectural elements such as wood profiles, spindles, posts, and hand railings for example are not available for replacement. At Great Lakes Stair, we can recreate these beautiful architectural elements through our advanced custom design and manufacturing processes to restore the original look and feel of the staircase. There is nothing we cannot replicate to fit design specifications from years gone by and make the stairway look brand new, but also period specific, and meeting today’s building codes.  

We are a “turn-key” solution and routinely work with architects, designers, and historians on staircase restoration projects. We have the experience to review a restoration project, figure out the needs of the customer, and perform the restoration…. including pre-finishing & color matching services.

Considering A Staircase Restoration? Here’s How To Get Started

If you are considering a staircase restoration, turn to Great Lakes Stair for expert recommendations and turn-key solutions. Reach out to us at 330-225-2005 or use the contact us on this website. The more information you can provide us, the better we can help you. Our processes include:

  • A site visit (if required) to review the project in physical, live detail.
  • Reviewing photos, drawings & sketches of the existing staircase and recognizing the pertinent details of the project.
  • We will then ask for your thoughts, ideas, and expectations for the staircase restoration
  • We then collaborate further with you and offer our ideas and possibilities.
  • Once a direction has been set, we will detail a plan for the project and provide a specific job proposal based on that plan.

Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. Your One-Stop-Shop For Staircase Restoration

We at Great Lakes Stair offer a complete turn-key solution for your staircase restoration projects. We can manage all aspects of the project from start to finish and anything in between. We can handle every aspect of the stair restoration without having other companies or contractors work after us. We can provide custom design and manufacturing processes for period specific architectural elements and pre-finish those elements in our state-of-the-art facility. And lastly, we complete the installation at your location to exact fit and finish.

With over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of staircase projects of all shapes and sizes all over the world, we know what questions to ask and what obstacles to avoid. We make sure to help our customers understand the processes and solutions that we are going to provide to their project. When you are ready to discuss your staircase restoration project, please turn to the Stair Experts at The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company for un-matched quality and great overall experience – all at a fair, fully detailed price.

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