Monumental Stairs and Grand Staircases

Monumental staircases are large, grand stairs which are typically found in high-end homes and commercial buildings. They present a “wow” focal point when a visitor enters the property that may include a large foyer or entrance such as in a hotel or commercial building. Often, the width of the monumental staircase is greater than what is generally required for a stair system. Monumental stairs, also referred to as Grand Staircases, are showpiece staircases that create a mood and impression on guests.

Monumental stairs often have elaborate and ornate architectural details in their design and construction. Due to their size, sometimes these architectural details are designed to conceal elements such as handrails, to bring the visitor’s focus to the overall beauty and detail of the staircase.

Monumental staircases are non-conventional, unique stairs of high architectural interest that set the tone for the building or residence. They are typically designed to accommodate many people traversing them, and often have low rises which make them very easy to walk.

Great Lakes Stair: Your BEST Choice for Monumental Stair Design, Manufacturing, and Installation

At Great Lakes Stair we have been designing, manufacturing, and installing monumental grand staircases across the world for over 32 years. We know how to balance the architectural value of the staircase while simultaneously producing it within a specified budget. We can also fulfill the dreams of customers where cost is no option.

We have the background and experience to know what types of questions to ask or customers, sometimes questions they have not even thought of yet, to ensure their monumental staircase dream becomes a reality. We collaborate with our customers by sharing photos, evaluating your space, understanding your specifications, and then producing a staircase that will last for generations.

Visit our monumental stairs gallery where you can view a wide range of monumental staircase projects we have completed here at Great Lakes Stair. When you are ready, give us a call at 330-225-2005 or fill out our contact form to start a conversation!

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