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Nothing adds elegance to a home quite like a custom-tailored staircase. Curved stairscircular stairs, and grand staircases all make a stunning visual impression if they have been well-crafted. At The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company, we fabricate custom staircases to our clients’ exact specifications, so that they always achieve the effect they have in mind.

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Many of the finest homes in the country have custom staircases built by The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company. We offer our clients a winning combination of superior craftsmanship, excellent materials, and a design process that lets them call the shots. Our goal is to deliver custom staircases that look exactly the way you saw them in your mind’s eye when you first envisioned adding custom stairs to your home.

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We see no reason in the world why a home owner should invest in high-quality custom staircases, only to deal with installation hassles once the stairs arrive. Our advanced design technologies and sharp attention to detail ensure a trouble-free installation process from start to finish. Whether we’re dealing with the home owner or the interior designer or contractor, we take full responsibility for our stairs and stair parts.

In our almost 31 years in the industry, we’ve pioneered many techniques that have resulted in virtually squeak-free custom staircases. We’ve also created many state-of-the-art uses for decorative iron railings for both indoor and outdoor staircases. Our custom outdoor staircases are becoming more and more popular, adding style and class to any deck or patio. Whatever your particular custom stair needs, we are here to meet them.

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