Wood Staircases

Custom-crafted wood staircases can be perfect centerpieces for meticulously designed luxury homes. They are especially well-suited to Colonial, Country-French, Gothic, and Victorian homes. With rich hardwoods such as maple, cherry, red oak, and mahogany, The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company creates one-of-a-kind wood staircases for an endless variety of styles.

We design and manufacture wood staircases in spiralcurvedstraightflared, and even grand motifs. With great attention to detail, each set of wood stairs is built with a combination of the best hardwoods in the world and the most skilled craftsmen. Our artisans have an average tenure of 20 years each, and their wealth of experience translates into excellence for our clients.

Superior Service with Your Custom Wood Staircases

Because we are a family-owned business, we tend to treat our clients with greater care than they might expect from a larger corporation. Regardless of the large number of wood staircases we’ve built, we still treat each one like it is our most important job to date. From collaborating with clients on the design process to reviewing the finished product with our company president right before shipping, we stop at nothing to make sure you get the wood staircases you want.

Walking into a home with an elegant custom-built wooden staircase is sure to leave a lasting impression on any guest. Our goal is to help you make the first impression of your home the very best it can be. With unlimited options in both stairs and balustrades, we can offer you a truly one-of-a-kind creation. 

Looking forward to custom wood staircase for your home? Request a quote and learn more about our excellent craftsmanship and customer service!