Custom Made Staircase Designs

Experienced craftsmanship makes all the difference when it comes to the design and manufacture of custom stairs. Newcomers to the field are generally limited to a small number of designs, which they then tend to push on the client. At The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company, our combined 50 years of experience in creating custom stairs and stair parts has given us the ability to tailor our designs to your specifications, not the other way around.

We begin by assigning a manager to your case. He or she will oversee the building of your custom stairs from the creation of the design to the shipment of the final product. You can come to us with a specific model already in mind, or you can give us a general idea of what you’re looking for and let us show you a selection of custom stairs.

We Pay Great Attention to Detail in Building Your Custom Stairs

We fabricate spiral, curved, straight, flared, and grand staircases, all from the finest-quality materials. Our manufacturing complex is located in the Great Lakes region of the United States, giving us easy access to some of the finest lumber in the world. Before your quality custom stairs are shipped, the president of The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company will review them to ensure that every specification has been met.

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