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What Makes a Staircase Modern?

When it comes to the design, manufacture and installation of modern staircases, Great Lakes Stair brings our over 32 year history of staircase production to all of our modern stair projects. It can be difficult to define the term “modern stairs” what is modern to one person may not be modern to another.

In our experience what makes a modern staircase is a combination of less detail oriented designs and more clean flowing, symmetrical designs. With modern stairs you are taking in the whole staircase as one flowing element whereas with more traditional, colonial, or architectural staircases the approach is more about the finite architectural details. On a detailed wood staircase, you can see intricate carvings and specific detail pieces. With modern stairs the focus in on the overall view and look of the entire staircase because there is not a tremendous amount of exacting detail on separate elements of the staircase as everything blends and flows together on a modern staircase. You will typically find on modern stairs more round, rectangular, cylindrical shapes versus obtuse shapes you would find on a more traditional staircase.

Additionally with modern stairs you will typically find more paint grade woods and paint colors versus wood stains.

Different Terms for Modern Stairs

Great Lakes Stair has worked with many customers on modern staircase projects and often we hear other terminology that is associated with modern stairs. A few of the other terms that we feel are synonymous with the term modern stairs are:

  • Contemporary Stairs
  • Simplistic Stairs
  • Flowing Stairs
  • Clean-lined Stairs
  • Avant-Garde Stairs

Another description for modern stairs is a stair that might be finished on all sides meaning you might be able to see through the stairs with open rises or glass elements that make the staircase open to view the top, bottom and sides. A traditional staircase is only viewed from the topside.

Additionally, many people confuse the term modern stairs with current trends in staircase design and that is not always the case. We hear people say “I see stairs doing this” but what you are observing is the style of stair, not the type of stair.

Materials and Design Considerations for Modern Stairs

With modern, contemporary stairs which use simpler methods and fabrication techniques they tend to be a little less expensive than traditional stairs due to the lack of ornate architectural detail work. You will also find with modern stairs the use of glass sides or balustrades, giving the ability to see through the staircase and flow with the house more openly.

Why Choose Great Lakes Stair for you Modern Stairs project?

What sets Great Lakes Stair apart when you are considering a modern stairs project is our experience and having been around for over 32 years! We have designed and installed a wide variety and variations of modern stairs over the years. We can offer our customers a lot more ability to use our knowledge and past history to achieve the modern staircase design they envision. There is a good chance we have done something similar and can provide photos and details of modern stairs projects that may be close to what you are looking for in a modern, contemporary staircase design.

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