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Custom Built Stairs from Great Lakes Stair

When it comes to selecting a custom stair manufacturer one does not underestimate the importance of longevity and experience in the industry. After being in business for 32 years, having the same phone number for 32 years, the same bricks and mortar staircase manufacturing facility for 32 years, as well as the same domain name since the 1990’s – The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. is here to stay!

The design and development of custom built stairs requires a strong base in the form of an established bricks and mortar manufacturing facility. There are many so called custom stair manufacturing companies who in reality are individuals operating out of their work vans and travelling from job site to job site. When you are considering a custom built staircase whether for a residential or commercial project, you’ll want the peace of mind to know that the company that provided that staircase will be around when you need service, or perhaps when you are ready to discuss another staircase project.

At Great Lakes Stair we are a custom staircase fabrication and installation company, and that’s all we do. Over the years we have had many opportunities to spur off divisions of our company into other areas, but we have stayed true to what we love and have never vied from the original mission of building and installing the world’s best custom built stairs. Because of this vision, we are proud to say we are extremely talented and proficient at what we do.

Browse our custom staircase galleries to see a wide variety of the many thousands of projects we have done over our 32 years!

Great Lakes Stair, Your Best Choice for Custom Built Staircases

With 32 years of longevity and experience in the design and installation of custom built staircases, Great Lakes Stair is unmatched in our knowledge and expertise when designing, manufacturing, and installing custom built stairs. Because of our significant background in the industry, we know what types of questions to ask our customers, questions or concerns that they have not even thought of to ensure a great project outcome. We can save our customers time and money because in our 32 years, we’ve seen what works best, and what doesn’t and can help educate and guide our customers on their custom staircase project.  

For more information, check out our web page “Why Choose Us” for more insights on what to look for when choosing a custom staircase builder.

Take advantage of our experience for your next custom built staircase project. Call us today at 330-225-2005 or fill out the Free Project Review inquiry form on this page.

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    Monumental Stairs & Staircases

    Monumental Stairs and Grand Staircases

    Monumental staircases are large, grand stairs which are typically found in high-end homes and commercial buildings. They present a “wow” focal point when a visitor enters the property that may include a large foyer or entrance such as in a hotel or commercial building. Often, the width of the monumental staircase is greater than what is generally required for a stair system. Monumental stairs, also referred to as Grand Staircases, are showpiece staircases that create a mood and impression on guests.

    Monumental stairs often have elaborate and ornate architectural details in their design and construction. Due to their size, sometimes these architectural details are designed to conceal elements such as handrails, to bring the visitor’s focus to the overall beauty and detail of the staircase.

    Monumental staircases are non-conventional, unique stairs of high architectural interest that set the tone for the building or residence. They are typically designed to accommodate many people traversing them, and often have low rises which make them very easy to walk.

    Great Lakes Stair: Your BEST Choice for Monumental Stair Design, Manufacturing, and Installation

    At Great Lakes Stair we have been designing, manufacturing, and installing monumental grand staircases across the world for over 32 years. We know how to balance the architectural value of the staircase while simultaneously producing it within a specified budget. We can also fulfill the dreams of customers where cost is no option.

    We have the background and experience to know what types of questions to ask or customers, sometimes questions they have not even thought of yet, to ensure their monumental staircase dream becomes a reality. We collaborate with our customers by sharing photos, evaluating your space, understanding your specifications, and then producing a staircase that will last for generations.

    Visit our monumental stairs gallery where you can view a wide range of monumental staircase projects we have completed here at Great Lakes Stair. When you are ready, give us a call at 330-225-2005 or fill out our contact form to start a conversation!

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      Exterior Stairs Custom Designed and Manufactured

      Custom Designed And Manufactured Exterior Stairs

      Exterior Stars Can Be Both Functional and Beautiful

      In our over 30 year history here at Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. we have designed and manufactured a wide array of exterior stairs for many varied applications. Any staircase design that you can dream up for the interior of your home can be successfully done for the exterior but with appropriate materials that can handle long term exposure to weather.

      Examples of exterior stairs that we have produced and installed are:

      If you have an idea for an exterior staircase for your residential or commercial property, contact us today or call 330-225-2005 and we can work with you to turn that idea into reality.

      Materials Decisions for Exterior Stairs

      In order to handle the exposure to weather, Great Lakes Stair utilizes a wide variety of materials that provide the durability required for many years of low maintenance and enjoyment on exterior stair projects. Materials we generally incorporate into our exterior stairs productions are:

      • Tropical hardwoods
      • Cedar
      • Redwood
      • Composites
      • Treated lumber
      • A large array of metals, primarily aluminum

      We do not use steel as a construction material for our exterior stair designs because at some point it rusts. Even galvanized steel will eventually succumb to the weather and elements and begin to rust and fail after 10 years. Additionally, we do not work on masonry stairs.

      Our preferred material for exterior stairs construction is aluminum, especially around seaboard areas of salt or fresh water. Anything that can be manufactured with steel or iron, we can match with aluminum including wrought iron and custom railings. Aluminum can be combined with composites as well as powder coating on finishes for enhanced durability. Exterior stairs that are constructed with aluminum can quite realistically last for generations! While the cost for aluminum is higher, the return on investment long term saves money due to less maintenance over the lifetime of the staircase.

      Exterior Stairs Cover A Wide Variety of Applications

      Great Lakes Stair has worked on a wide variety of projects for exterior stairs applications, including:

      • Residential applications
      • Commercial applications
      • Warehouse applications
      • Loading docks
      • Fire escapes
      • Custom applications

      Contact us today or call 330-225-2005 and we can discuss your application.

      Great Lakes Stair, Your #1 Choice For Exterior Stairs

      With our over 30 years of education in all things related to staircase design and construction, Great Lakes Stair stands alone in our knowledge and expertise when it comes to the design, manufacture, and installation of exterior stairs. We have the background experience to know what types of questions to ask our customers; questions or concerns that they have not even thought of, to ensure a successful project. We strive to educate our customers on all the aspects of ownership of an exterior staircase and to make sure they are comfortable with the required maintenance to guarantee years of enjoyment from their exterior stairs.

      Call 330-225-2005 or contact us to start a conversation about your exterior stair project.

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        Production Stairs: Beautiful, Custom Handmade Stairs That Fit Your Budget And Schedule

        Production Stairs: Beautiful, Custom Handmade Stairs That Fit Your Budget And Schedule

        In the staircase manufacturing industry, the term “production stairs” has often come to symbolize cheap, inexpensive, or poorly built stairs. At Great Lakes Stair, nothing could be further from the truth!

        Our production staircases are beautiful, custom handmade staircases that are designed and planned in such a way that they can be produced repetitively, quickly, and economically. We can determine all of the specifications, sizing, and logistics for production stairs in advance and have the stairs built and standing by in our facility, ready to ship to adhere to builder’s production schedules. Production stairs are built and used in high-end apartment buildings, condominiums, assisted living facilities, basically anywhere we can repeat the staircase specifications.

        Materials and Staircase Types for Production Stairs

        At Great Lakes Stair, we have no limitations on material selections or staircase type for our production staircase projects. Any materials that we would use for a one-of-a-kind staircase can be used for a production staircase project. Once we have the initial design and specifications locked in for the production stairs, it is simply a matter of repeating the process.

        For example, we recently completed a project which required 88 circular stairs that were installed in condominiums in Sarasota, Fl. They were beautiful, heirloom quality handmade staircases, which we were able to produce efficiently for the builder because we did not have to go back to the drawing board and redesign the stairs every single time.

        What Makes Great Lakes Stair The Best Company To Work With On Production Stairs?

        When it comes to the specialty niche of production stairs, Great Lakes Stair has the longevity and experience that builders need to make the process smooth, efficient, economical, and successful. With over 30 years of education in all things related to staircase manufacturing, our customers benefit from us not making the same mistakes over and over again. We are always learning so our customers can look to us for advice on their production stair projects. We make it easy for our customers because we can discuss candidly what has worked for us in the past, and what has failed, which helps our customers avoid bad situations.

        Additionally, we also offer pre-finishing services for our production stair projects so that our customers do not have to finish the stairs after installation. Most production stair manufacturers do not offer this pre-finishing service. With Great Lakes Stair, simply take the protective wrap off the staircase, and you have a finished piece of furniture ready to install.

        We can provide a turn-key service yet still keep the process streamlined and maintain a builder’s production schedule.

        Ready to start a conversation? Call 330-225-2005 or contact us to discuss your production stair project!

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          Staircase Restoration: Restore Your Stairs To Their Original Beauty and Detail

          Staircase Restoration: Restore Your Stairs To Their Original Beauty and Detail

          The process of a staircase restoration involves bringing a staircase back to its original specifications and beauty. The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. has performed countless staircase restorations in our over 30-year history. These projects ranged from restorations of staircases in old historical or commercial buildings, to restorations of stairs that were damaged by water or fire.  We can match the exact detail of what used to be!

          Often in restoration projects we are working on a staircase that was designed many, many years ago and the architectural elements such as wood profiles, spindles, posts, and hand railings for example are not available for replacement. At Great Lakes Stair, we can recreate these beautiful architectural elements through our advanced custom design and manufacturing processes to restore the original look and feel of the staircase. There is nothing we cannot replicate to fit design specifications from years gone by and make the stairway look brand new, but also period specific, and meeting today’s building codes.  

          We are a “turn-key” solution and routinely work with architects, designers, and historians on staircase restoration projects. We have the experience to review a restoration project, figure out the needs of the customer, and perform the restoration…. including pre-finishing & color matching services.

          Considering A Staircase Restoration? Here’s How To Get Started

          If you are considering a staircase restoration, turn to Great Lakes Stair for expert recommendations and turn-key solutions. Reach out to us at 330-225-2005 or use the contact us on this website. The more information you can provide us, the better we can help you. Our processes include:

          • A site visit (if required) to review the project in physical, live detail.
          • Reviewing photos, drawings & sketches of the existing staircase and recognizing the pertinent details of the project.
          • We will then ask for your thoughts, ideas, and expectations for the staircase restoration
          • We then collaborate further with you and offer our ideas and possibilities.
          • Once a direction has been set, we will detail a plan for the project and provide a specific job proposal based on that plan.

          Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. Your One-Stop-Shop For Staircase Restoration

          We at Great Lakes Stair offer a complete turn-key solution for your staircase restoration projects. We can manage all aspects of the project from start to finish and anything in between. We can handle every aspect of the stair restoration without having other companies or contractors work after us. We can provide custom design and manufacturing processes for period specific architectural elements and pre-finish those elements in our state-of-the-art facility. And lastly, we complete the installation at your location to exact fit and finish.

          With over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of staircase projects of all shapes and sizes all over the world, we know what questions to ask and what obstacles to avoid. We make sure to help our customers understand the processes and solutions that we are going to provide to their project. When you are ready to discuss your staircase restoration project, please turn to the Stair Experts at The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company for un-matched quality and great overall experience – all at a fair, fully detailed price.

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            Staircase Remodeling: What To Consider When Remodeling Your Staircase

            Staircase Remodeling: What To Consider When Remodeling Your Staircase

            At The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co., we often hear from customers who are interested in remodeling their existing staircase in their home or commercial building. A staircase remodel is often thought of synonymously with a staircase renovation, however there are important distinctions for customers to keep in mind.

            A staircase remodel should be thought of as a moderate change of basic components to give a staircase new life and a fresh look. A remodel is more cosmetic….think of it as a staircase makeover to improve the overall aesthetic appeal as well as bring the staircase up to today’s standards and codes. For example, we would consider the following items in a staircase remodel:

            • Convert wood spindles to metal (or vice versa)
            • Update stain or paint colors of spindles, banisters, and rails
            • Changing spindles, hand railing, or newel posts with more decorative or up to date options
            • Replacing staircase carpeting with the addition of a decorative stair carpet runner.

            These types of cosmetic changes can be useful when preparing to stage a home for selling. We can update the staircase to today’s design trends as well as ensure all codes and standards are in place for the sale of a home. The staircase is a gathering area when entertaining and is often used for family or group photos. The staircase is one of the first things you see when you enter a home or business and will make a lasting impression with the people who come to visit you.

            Staircase remodeling is meant to be a moderate update, and as minimally invasive a procedure as possible

            A staircase renovation on the other hand is often a much larger (and more expensive) project and can involve removing and updating key structural components of a staircase such as treads, risers, and stringers. We At Great Lakes Stair often perform staircase renovations of historical staircases to bring them back to life while maintaining that exact historical look and feel. Additionally, in homes or businesses that have been damaged by fire or water, we will perform a staircase renovation to bring the staircase back to its original shape, form and look (because that is what insurance will cover). For more information, be sure to read our article on staircase renovation.

            Great Lakes Stair Is Your # 1 Choice For Staircase Remodeling

            The team at Great Lakes Stair is your #1 choice for staircase remodeling. After a 31 year evolving, continuing education in all things involving staircases, we know what to do and what mistakes to avoid when performing staircase remodeling. All we do are stairs! We have earned a reputation for taking on the tough staircase challenges that other companies are unwilling or unable to do, and we are able to complete these projects at a cost-effective price. We are a long term, family owned business which places customer service and satisfaction as our top priorities. Contact us today to discuss your staircase remodeling ideas and requirements.

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              Staircase Renovation – What You Need To Know

              Staircase Renovation – What you need to know.

              Over 30 Years Of Staircase Renovation

              In our over 30 year history at Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co., we have done hundreds of staircase renovations for both residential and commercial customers. We help our customers determine if it is better to remove and replace a staircase, or if we can renovate the stairs. We are a company that specializes in staircases and can guide you on what to do and what to avoid when considering a staircase renovation.

              Is It More Cost Efficient To Renovate Stairs Or Replace?

              One of the questions we get asked frequently about renovating staircases is “Is it more cost efficient to renovate my staircase, or replace it?” There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer here, as it depends greatly on each individual customer’s circumstances. In some cases, it may be more economical and efficient to renovate the staircase, but in other cases in may make more sense to do a complete staircase replacement. We evaluate the needs and desired end result for each customer, provide different options to meet those needs and expectations, and develop a solution that meets your budget. With our 30 year education in staircase design and installation, we can provide options that less experienced staircase companies and designers (and trim carpenters) cannot offer.

              What Are Some Reasons To Consider Renovating A Staircase?

              There are many reasons to consider a staircase renovation. A staircase is the most functional piece of furniture in your home or business. Here are a few reasons to consider a renovation:

              • To provide better flow and make it easier to traverse.
              • One of the biggest reasons people leave their homes when they age is, they can no longer navigate going up and down their stairs. We can provide a staircase renovation or redesign to make the stairs easier to traverse, which may enable the elderly to stay in their homes longer. We can also evaluate and renovate exterior staircases for these same reasons.
              • To update the overall design as well as bring the staircase up-to-date with today’s codes. A staircase is the first thing people see when entering a home and often the last thing visitors see when they leave your home or business. People tend to congregate around the staircase especially at family gatherings for photos.
              • Home staging when selling: a staircase renovation can update the look of your home, make it more modern and create an incredibly unique experience often for less money than you would think. We often work with realtors, designers, and architects who turn to us for our expertise in staircase design and renovation.

              Are Certain Staircases Better Candidates For Renovation Than Others?

              From our standpoint, all staircases can be candidates for renovation. We have performed some very unique stair renovations; we specialize in “Unique, Challenging stairs”!  We have the experience, know-how and ability to handle any type of stair renovation project.

              How Long Does A Typical Stair Renovation Take?

              The length of time for a staircase renovation depends on the complexity of the project with our top priority being safety. We have seen averages of 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the extent of the staircase renovation. We can provide a turnkey experience in our renovation projects including pre-finishing, drywall repair, associated trim as well as paint, stain and finishing. We do as much in our manufacturing facility as possible, so we do not inconvenience customers with finishing odors and additional construction time in their homes or businesses.

              What Makes Great Lakes Stair The Ideal Partner For Your Staircase Renovation?

              With over 30 years’ experience in our field and our continuing education in the design, manufacturing and installation of both residential and commercial staircase projects, Great Lakes Stair is uniquely positioned to save you money and provide a successful outcome on your renovation project. We know what questions to ask our customers, and what mistakes to avoid with stair renovation projects. We invite you to take advantage of our experience with your staircase projects; give us a call at 330-225-2005 or contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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                Commercial Stairs: Beauty and Functionality Combine with Quality You Can Count On

                Commercial Stairs: Beauty and Functionality Combine with Quality You Can Count On. Custom designed and manufactured by Great Lakes Stair

                For over 30 years, the craftsmen at The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. have been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom commercial stairs for a wide variety of customers including:

                • Commercial office buildings
                • Institutional buildings such as hotels and nursing homes
                • Resorts
                • Historic renovations and replications

                If you are a commercial contractor or architect, commercial building owner, supply house or wholesale provider give us a call today to discuss your project requirements. We will review your blueprints and specifications, discuss the anticipated end result, and work with you for a successful project outcome.

                When It Comes To Commercial Stairs, Experience Matters

                Our team at The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. have worked on hundreds of custom commercial stair projects and we bring this vast experience to each new project. We can offer suggestions based on similar stair projects we have completed prior that can help streamline your process and provide you with additional cost savings. We have been down the road many times before and we know what works and does not work when it comes to commercial stair projects.

                Code-Compliant Commercial Stair Projects

                One of the most challenging aspects involved in the production and installation of commercial stairs are the myriad of strict Commercial code requirements. With our 30 years of experience at Great Lakes Stair, we know the codes and specifications for commercial stair safety and collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that all code requirements are met for the project.

                What Makes Great Lakes Stair the Best Choice For Commercial Stair Projects?

                Quite simply, we have a 30+ year education on commercial stair projects! We know what questions to ask and what pitfalls to avoid when working on these types of stair projects. With our experience, we can save you money and ensure a successful outcome….every time.  We would not be in business today if we had not completed hundreds of commercial projects correctly and on time. Take advantage of our experience for your next commercial stair project, give us a call today to discuss your job and design requirements.

                Call Today: 330-225-2005

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                  Straight Stairs Offer Beauty and Simplicity

                  Straight Stairs Offer Beauty and Simplicity

                  At The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. we are working with customers all over the world to create unique, custom straight staircases for their homes and commercial projects. Straight staircases offer beauty and simplicity and are one of the most efficient uses of space for a stair system. Furthermore, they are the simplest form of stair to traverse due to the cadence of the walk pattern, which is quite easy to anticipate. Your feet and mind easily remember the walking pattern of a straight staircase, allowing quick and easy access from one floor to another in your home or commercial building.

                  Advantages of Straight Stairs

                  While simple in form, straight stairs can be gracious and grand as well with the right design and implementation. Typically used when you have longer walls or longer areas of run up against a wall, a straight staircase can add a degree of simplicity and elegance in your square or rectangular space. Additionally, straight stairs offer an easy path for moving furniture or other large items between floors.

                  Straight staircases offer an efficient use of material sizing, thus saving money.  And generally speaking, straight stairs are easier to layout and install, and are more economical than other types of staircases, such as circular or curved stairs.

                  Not all room shapes or layouts can accommodate a straight staircase, so be sure to contact us to discuss your project requirements and have one of our design specialists help you determine the best staircase approach for your space.

                  Your Number One Provider for Custom Straight Staircases

                  Straight stairs can be challenging sometimes due to space constraints and room size/shape in order to achieve building codes. With over 30 years of experience in designing and installing straight stairs, The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. is your number one provider for custom straight stairs. We have done thousands of straight staircase designs and installations and know how to make them function properly and look amazing in your commercial or residential project. We enjoy collaborating with our customers by sharing photos, evaluating your space, understanding your specifications, and then turning your dreams into reality!  Remember, straight stairs not only can be re-designed and replaced, they can also be remodeled, renovated or repaired…..let us help you decide what is best for your project.

                  Please give us a call at 330-225-2005 or contact us via email when you are considering a new staircase for your home or commercial project. Any of our stair specialists at The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. will work tirelessly to help you get the correct staircase design to fulfill your exact architectural desires and functional needs.   We will do this all at a price that works with your budget, along with optional expert installation and Premium Pre-finishing services, to provide a staircase that fits, functions and meets all of your design criteria.

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                    Understanding Spiral Stairs

                    Understanding Spiral Stairs

                    We at The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co., receive a wide variety of requests for many different styles and types of spiral stairs. We have designed and built many of these aesthetically different and exceptionally functional spiral staircase systems in the last 30 years of our extensive history.  However, we have found that many people use the term “spiral stairs” almost generically, the same way the terms “tissue” and “Kleenex®” are often interchanged. We would like to take this opportunity to talk about spiral stairs, their advantages, disadvantages, and how they are different from other circular, curved or helical staircase systems.

                    What Is A Spiral Staircase, How Is It Different?

                    The term “spiral stair” is widely used (somewhat generic term) to describe a radius / diameter turning staircase such as a curved stair, circular stair, radiused stair, or a round stair. The implication is a staircase that does some type of radius turn. The actual definition of a spiral staircase is the following:

                    • A spiral staircase is a round stair system that uses a radius or diameter and wraps around a center pole.

                    Other turning staircases can be defined as:

                    • A circular staircase rotates in a round fashion around the circumference of a room. Usually turns more than 90 degrees
                    • A curved staircase does a sweeping turn in a smaller area that a circular stair and usually does not make a complete circle. Usually turns 90 degrees or less.
                    • A Helical stair is similar in size to a spiral stair, but does not use a center pole and typically has an inner and outer radius handrails.
                    • A winding staircase completes a turn with angles and does so with angular steps without a center pole.

                    Thus, the key differentiator between a spiral staircase and other types of turning stairs is that a spiral staircase wraps symmetrically around a center pole.

                    What Advantages Do Spiral Stairs Offer?

                    Spiral staircases are ideal to be used for ease of personal access in a small area. With a standard 5’-3” finish square opening, we can do a lot with a spiral staircase to traverse between floors with ease. Additionally, spiral staircases are great conversation pieces as they are aesthetically different from perpendicular or traditional staircases. You do not see spiral staircases all the time in the design of a home, so they tend to stand out when implemented.  The best part about a spiral stair is that it does “a lot” in a “little” space while looking extremely architecturally aesthetic!

                    While we are big fans of spiral staircases here at Great Lakes Stair, there are some key points to keep in mind if you are considering implementing a spiral staircase system:

                    • Spiral stairs can not be used as the main staircase in a home or business.
                    • Spiral stairs are not deemed good as a fire escape and they also limit gurney and fire hose access.
                    • It is difficult, if not impossible, to move furniture between floors with a spiral staircase.
                    • Spiral stairs cannot be used as bedroom only access.
                    • Sometimes spiral staircases can be intimidating to people to traverse, especially seniors and young children and also pets.

                    If constructed and used properly, spiral stairs can be a beautiful and safe addition to your home or business where only personal access to an area is needed.

                    What are the disadvantages of a Spiral Staircases?

                    For the most part, a spiral staircase is an easy, attractive alternative to access a floor level in your home while utilizing minimal space. But, spiral stairs do have a few minimal disadvantages. We feel it is our responsibility as a Senior Stair Manufacturer in the United States to make you aware of any potential issues you may (OR MAY NOT) encounter with the addition of a spiral stair in your home or project;

                    • Spiral staircases tend to have higher rises per step (avg.9” per rise). This can be challenging for people with walking or climbing issues.
                    • Spiral stairs can be somewhat intimidating to the very young, elderly and pets.
                    • Spiral Stairways are somewhat difficult to carry objects (i.e. Laundry Basket) up and down the stair. Furniture is very difficult to carry or maneuver on a spiral stair.
                    • Spiral Stair systems cannot be used as primary access to bedroom areas due to fire codes.
                    • Spiral stairs, for the most part, cannot be used as a primary access in any home, building or outside structure where people live. Check with your local building department before implementing a spiral stair in your project.
                    • Spiral stair systems cannot be used as a primary fire escape stair residentially or commercially.
                    • The smaller the spiral stair, the more difficult to “walk straight” up or down. For example, you might have to walk a bit sideways up or down a 4’-0” diameter spiral stair depending on your size as a person.
                    • There might be a slight vibration or shimmy while walking on a spiral stair. This is completely normal.
                    • Spiral stairs are easier to walk up than to walk down.
                    • It may be difficult to “pass” another person on a spiral stair. Typically a spiral stair is a one user at a time stair.

                    While none of the above (potential) disadvantages of a spiral stair are monumental, it is only fair to make people aware that they could encounter none , some, or all of the above while determining if a Spiral Staircase System is right for them.

                    What Type Of Materials Can Be Used To Build A Spiral Staircase?

                    Typically, spiral staircases are constructed using all wood, all metal, or made with a combination of these materials. Additionally, spiral staircases can incorporate glass or decorative iron or both. Check out our spiral stair gallery for a wide variety of examples of spiral staircases we have made at Great Lakes Stair.

                    How Much Do Spiral Stairs Cost?

                    The cost for a spiral staircase, like any other staircase is relative to the overall design and materials used in the construction as well as installation considerations. You can design and build a cost-effective spiral staircase, or a luxury model. At Great Lakes Stair we will work closely with you and discuss your needs and evaluate your space and propose a spiral staircase solution that works for your home and your budget.

                    What sizes are available in spiral stairs?

                    The average spiral stair diameter is 5’-0”. This is predominantly the most widely used size for spiral stairs. The 5’-0” diameter meets most uniform building codes around the United states and neighboring countries for code adherence / compliance.  This stair fits comfortably in a 5’-6” finish square or round opening.

                    Typical Spiral stair diameters can start out utilizing a 4’-0” diameter (we have even completed a 3’-6” diameter spiral stair for a Doll house), but can be made to virtually any diameter up to 12’-0”. After 12’ in diameter, you would be better off putting in a circular stair (see our article on Circular Stairs). The Most common spiral staircase sizes and their respective finished openings they fit in are as follows;

                     Stair Diameter desired                  Finish opening needed

                    1. 4’-0”…………………………4’-6” x 4’x6” square or 4’6”diameter
                    2. 4’-6” ………………………. 5’-0” x 5’-0” square or 5’-0” diameter
                    3. 5’-0”…………………………5’-6”x 5’-6” square or 5’-6” diameter
                    4. 5’-6”…………………………6’-0” x 6’-0” square or 6’-0” diameter
                    5. 6’-0” ………………………..6’-6”x 6’-6” square or 6’-6” diameter
                    6. Or any size in between or larger!

                    How is a Spiral Staircases delivered to my project or home?  How do I get it inside the home?

                    These are great questions and also are great concerns when purchasing a Spiral Staircase system. We have all heard the horror stories of fully assembled spiral stairs arriving at a home or jobsite with no ability to get it inside structure.   For most applications, this process of fully assembling spiral stairs prior to arrival and delivering them completely welded or fabricated in whole, is nothing short of a catastrophic disaster.

                    We at The Great Lakes Stair company do things differently than other manufacturers. Most of our spiral stairway applications will be Pre- built in our shop to ensure fit and finish and then disassembled in simple sections, numbered and labeled for ease of final jobsite installation.  The stair will then be carefully packaged on a “skid”, wrapped in protective cardboard and shipped directly from our facility to your home or project.  We can arrange for tailgate delivery anywhere in the US or neighboring Countries.  From here, all you need is one person to carry the lightweight sections through a 2’-6” or larger door into the room or area where the spiral stair will be installed and then reassemble.  2 people are required for stair assembly, one to hold the center pole, the other person to slide the sections over the center pole.  It’s that easy.

                    In general, most spiral stairs can be final assembled and installed in less than a working days time.

                    Why You Should Choose Great Lakes Stair For Your Spiral Staircase?

                    With over 30 years of experience in producing and installing spiral staircases, we know exactly what questions to ask about your project and we will understand your needs as a consumer.   We collaborate with our customers by sharing photos, evaluating your space, understanding your specifications and then, turning your ideas into reality. We do not produce any base or entry level products, all our spiral staircase solutions range from semi-custom to all custom designed and hand fabricated projects. Remember, One size does not fit all when it comes to spiral stairs. The inexpensive commodity spiral stair market and cheap prices will only lead to problems. We routinely replace commodity spiral staircase kits that were poorly constructed and/or installed by unqualified individuals. Lastly, if it resembles a one size fits all “Erector Set” it typically is. Run far and fast as this is not the time to save minimal monies which will equate to a maximum headache.

                    Please give us a call at 330-225-2005 or contact us when you are considering  purchasing a spiral staircase ; the specialists at  The Great Lakes Stair Company will ensure you get the right spiral stair for your needs, at the right price for your budget  along with optional expert installation for a spiral staircase that will last a lifetime.

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