Understanding Circular and Curved Stairs

Understanding Circular and Curved Stairs

There is nothing quite as beautiful as an exceptionally well designed, constructed and finished curved stairs or circular staircase installed in your home or business. The sweeping features of circular and curved stairs add a touch of glamour to a home and can provide an extremely open feeling in a room or entryway. For over 30 years, the master craftsmen of The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. have been creating custom circular and curved stairs with “Old World Craftmanship” that will last a lifetime.

While working with customers over the years in designing and installing circular and curved stairs, we have noticed that many times people get confused in the description between different types of radius stairs:  such as the differences between Spiral Staircases vs. Circular Staircases vs. Helical Staircases vs. Curved Staircases vs. Winding Staircases vs. Round Stairs. For purposes of clarification and establishing a consistent vocabular and understanding, we offer the following definitions:

  • A circular staircase rotates in a round fashion around the circumference of a given area. Usually turns more than 90 degrees. This stair has a center “hole” that a person can look up or down through. Sometimes people hang chandeliers through the center area of these stairs.
  • A curved staircase does a sweeping turn in a smaller area than a circular stair and usually does not make a complete circle. Usually turns 90 degrees or less.
  • A Helical stair is similar in size and turn to a spiral stair but does not use a center pole and typically has an inner and outer radius handrails.
  • A winding staircase completes a turn with angles and does so with angular steps without a center pole.
  • A spiral staircase is typically a tight radius stair that uses a diameter for sizing and wraps around a center pole.
  • A Round staircase typically refers to a stair that is circular or curved

What Are The Advantages Of Circular and Curved Staircases

As mentioned above circular and curved staircases are some of the most beautiful, architecturally aesthetic types of staircases that can be installed in a home or business. They are thought of as “turning sculptures” that are also a very functional piece of furniture. Their flowing, sweeping beauty brings a fluency and gracefulness to your home, offering a focal point for conversations as well as a great place for photo opportunities for many family gatherings.

When it comes to safety, you need not fear a circular or curved staircase. They are very user friendly with a natural cadence (flow & consistency) in the steps which makes ascending and descending the staircase extremely comfortable, even in the event of an emergency. On a true circular or curved staircase, a person never has to look at their feet while traversing the stair, due to the cadence and the consistent symmetrical design of the stairs. This accurate cadence makes circular and curved stairs very easy to follow up and down, unlike a 90 degree straight stairs where you have to pay more attention to where you are placing your feet while making an abrupt turn. Additionally, true curved and circular stairs use less space than other types of straight stairs with platforms. Their ease of use, efficient use of space, and stunning aesthetic value makes circular and curved stairs an ideal choice for many situations.

Circular and curved staircases meet all applicable building codes for both commercial and residential structures.

Delivery and installation of circular and curved stairs is very similar to that of typical straight stairs. The stair carriage itself (the portion of the stair that comprised of the Treads, risers and stringers assembled) is loaded into the enclosed Truck or trailer and braced into place.  The remaining parts of the stair are packaged separately – such as the Hand Railings, Spindles, Newels and Landing treads which are removed from the stair and numbered and labeled for ease of re-assembly at the project destination.  Whether we deliver stairs 5 miles away or 5,000 miles away, we package, ship, and brace these stairs the same way for damage free transit to the jobsite or project location.

Why You Should Choose Great Lakes Stair for your Circular or Curved Staircase

With over 30 years of experience in producing and installing circular and curved staircases, we know exactly what questions to ask about your project and we will understand your needs as a consumer.   We collaborate with our customers by sharing photos, evaluating your space, understanding your specifications and then, turning your ideas into reality. We do not produce any base or entry level products; all our circular and curved staircase solutions range from semi-custom to all custom designed and hand crafted projects.

Please give us a call at 330-225-2005 or contact us when you are considering a circular or curved staircase for your home or business. The specialists at The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Company will ensure you get the correct staircase design for your needs, at the right price for your budget along with optional expert installation for a staircase and hand railing system that will last a lifetime.

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    Stair Ordering Made Simple

    Stair Ordering Made Simple

    As one of the leading custom staircase designers, manufacturers, and installers in the world, The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. has made the experience of ordering stairs efficient and simple. Whether you are a homeowner, custom home builder, architect, designer, commercial Contractor, supplier or lumber yard, The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork co. will partner with you in a streamlined process for a one-of-a-kind staircase solution.

    With over 30 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom staircases, we know what it takes to make a project turn out successful. Our process is extremely easy and starts with simply reaching out to our team and sharing your thoughts and ideas about your perfect staircase. You may send us any drawings, sketches, pictures, and blueprints along with photos of staircases you like for inspiration. For home renovations, include photos of your existing stairs and surrounding area in your home where the staircase remodel will take place. Once we have your thoughts, our master staircase designers will review your information and provide a timely job proposal.

    5 Simple Steps for ordering Custom Stairs.

    1. Contact us to discuss your project…. we enjoy listening to our potential customer’s needs. We will ask questions pertinent to understanding your project….and promise not to waste your valuable time.
    2. If you do not have time to chat, please send us Blueprints, sketches or drawings of the stair and stair area for us to better understand your project. We will e-mail back questions for any clarifications.
    3. Provide us any inspiration photo’s, web-site links or design ideas that will help us better understand what you want the stair system to resemble or look like.
    4. A proposal for your project will be prepared based on our discussions and information shared with each other.
    5. Upon proposal acceptance, we will begin the journey together in the development and fabrication of your “one of a kind” Custom Stair System.

    Staircase Design and Installation

    Upon approval of the stair system proposal, we will provide detailed shop drawings and specifications for the project. This process may include an onsite meeting to evaluate your space and provide field measuring to ensure proper fit, function, and finish.

    We are also one of the only stair builders to make and create a full size field templates of the stair for the customer to see how the custom stair will fit in the given area….prior to stair fabrication.  This service is INVALUABLE insurance to ensure fit and finish.

     When the staircase details and design are finalized, our master craftsmen will build your stairway to your specifications in our manufacturing facility. When the stair system fabrication is completed at our facility, we will coordinate the delivery with you and make the installation process of your custom staircase worry free.

    When it comes to your custom stair system installation, we can handle the entire process….if need be. It is well known that one of the most challenging aspects for a contractor is finding competent staircase installers or trim carpenters who can install and finish the stair system PROPERLY in your home or business. We pride ourselves on being a “one stop shop” as we can do as much or as little of the installation as you would like, including:

    • We can build your stairway to your specifications and tailgate deliver it
    • We can install the stair system at your location
    • We can install and pre-finish the stair system to a high end cabinet grade finish

    Again, We can do as much as possible to eliminate unnecessary 3rd party interaction, so the process is smooth and efficient and only one phone call is involved when questions arise: one day there is no staircase, the next day the staircase is up and walkable!

    Your Staircase Is Important

    The staircase is most often the first impression a guest or visitor will have when entering your home or business. During holidays and family get togethers, a beautiful staircase is where people gather and where all the photographs take place; your stairs and their architectural value set the tone for the rest of the home or building.

    When you work with The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Co., we share our 30 years’ experience to help guide you to a successful and fulfilling staircase project. We are not shy when it comes to advising customers on what works and what could cause problems during the “stair system” portion of your project. We will not let you waste money on a stair system that fails to meet your expectations. Our focus is entirely devoted to the design and installation of heirloom quality staircases that thrill our customers and will last a lifetime.  We cannot say it enough: avoid trusting inexperienced or part-time carpenters and installers with such an important aspect of your home or business. Choose the experienced team at The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Co. for your next custom staircase project.

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