Over 34 Years Of Staircase Remodels & Renovation

In our over 34 year history at Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co., we have done hundreds of staircase remodels and renovations for both residential and commercial customers. We help our customers determine if it is better to remove and replace a staircase, or if we can renovate the stairs. We are a company that specializes in staircases and can guide you on what to do and what to avoid when considering a staircase remodel or renovation.

Staircase Remodeling: What To Consider When Remodeling Your Staircase

At The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co., we often hear from customers who are interested in remodeling their existing staircase in their home or commercial building. A staircase remodel is often thought of synonymously with a staircase renovation, however there are important distinctions for customers to keep in mind.

A staircase remodel should be thought of as a moderate change of basic components to give a staircase new life and a fresh look. A remodel is more cosmetic….think of it as a staircase makeover to improve the overall aesthetic appeal as well as bring the staircase up to today’s standards and codes. For example, we would consider the following items in a staircase remodel:

  • Convert wood spindles to metal (or vice versa)
  • Update stain or paint colors of spindles, banisters, and rails
  • Changing spindles, hand railing, or newel posts with more decorative or up to date options
  • Replacing staircase carpeting with the addition of a decorative stair carpet runner.

These types of cosmetic changes can be useful when preparing to stage a home for selling. We can update the staircase to today’s design trends as well as ensure all codes and standards are in place for the sale of a home. The staircase is a gathering area when entertaining and is often used for family or group photos. The staircase is one of the first things you see when you enter a home or business and will make a lasting impression with the people who come to visit you.

Staircase remodeling is meant to be a moderate update, and as minimally invasive a procedure as possible

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