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When it comes to selecting a custom stair manufacturer one does not underestimate the importance of longevity and experience in the industry. After being in business for 34years, having the same phone number for 34years, the same bricks and mortar staircase manufacturing facility for 34years, as well as the same domain name since the 1990’s – The Great Lakes Stair & Millwork Co. is here to stay!

The design and development of custom built stairs requires a strong base in the form of an established bricks and mortar manufacturing facility. There are many so called custom stair manufacturing companies who in reality are individuals operating out of their work vans and travelling from job site to job site. When you are considering a custom built staircase whether for a residential or commercial project, you’ll want the peace of mind to know that the company that provided that staircase will be around when you need service, or perhaps when you are ready to discuss another staircase project.

At Great Lakes Stair we are a custom staircase fabrication and installation company, and that’s all we do. Over the years we have had many opportunities to spur off divisions of our company into other areas, but we have stayed true to what we love and have never varied from the original mission of building and installing the world’s best custom built stairs. Because of this vision, we are proud to say we are extremely talented and proficient at what we do.

Browse our custom staircase galleries listed on this page to see a wide variety of the many thousands of projects we have done over our 34 years!

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