Wooden Spiral Staircases

Handcrafted Wood Spiral Stairways

We all know that staircases are a means of getting from one floor of a building to another. Yet the difference between a generic set of straight stairs versus a custom-crafted wood spiral staircase is like night and day. One is pure function, the other is a fully functioning work of art. At The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company, we create wood spiral staircases that add style and elegance to any home.

During our almost 20 years in the industry, we’ve custom built wood spiral staircases for a wide variety of installations. From ornate Gothic spiral stairs to the simple elegance of spiral staircases in streamlined modern homes, we’ve done it all. We have plenty of photos in our online galleries for clients who would like help choosing a design for their wood spiral stairs, but we can also build completely from scratch.


Truly Custom-Built Wooden Spiral Stairs

What does it mean when we say we’ll build wood spiral staircases completely from scratch? It means that we don’t push pre-set designs on our clients, calling adjustments to those designs “custom-tailored.” Our custom wood spiral stairs are client specific from start to finish–you tell us exactly what you want and we build from there.

We own a 25-acre manufacturing complex in the heart of the United States Great Lakes region, just 10 minutes from the Cleveland, Ohio international airport. Our location gives us easy and affordable access to the most stunning hardwoods in the world. We stand at the ready to build quality custom wood staircases for any lover of fine craftsmanship.

Let’s get started! Please contact us online for a free quote.

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