Wood Spiral Stairs

By pioneering new construction techniques for custom wood spiral stairs, we at The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company have been able to deliver staircases that ensure virtually flawless installations. The way we see it, our job doesn’t end when we complete the last stair or stair part and put the order on a plane. We build our wood spiral stairs with the end product in mind: a beautiful showpiece staircase that is easy to assemble, squeak-free, and lasts for life.

We manufacture wood spiral stairs in both free-standing and wall-secured models and can make them to suit any type of home décor. Our clients tend to be highly discriminating home owners who are looking for a set of stairs that makes a stunning visual statement. One of the magical components of spiral stairs (as opposed to curved or straight stairs) is that they can be transformed from one motif to another without requiring any extra space.

Changing the Style of Wood Spiral Stairs

By changing the railings and balusters on a set of wood spiral stairs, you can take them from the Victorian era to Gothic to Colonial and back again. Ornate wood, iron, and aluminum balustrade decorations alter the whole appearance of a spiral staircase. Indoors or out, wood spiral stairs can be designed to match any style or time period.

When we talk about historical restorations, most people assume we are referring to curved or grand staircases. But it is equally as easy for us to custom build spiral stairs to fit precise historical specifications. Our only limitations are those set by the client.

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