Luxury Spiral Staircases

Custom Interior & Exterior Spiral Stairs

Those not in the industry may tend to think of spiral staircases as being anything but luxurious. The compact, utilitarian sister of curved and grand stairs, spiral staircases are generally thought of as simple by nature. At The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company, we know that luxury spiral staircases are actually quite common in the finer homes of the world.

No matter how grand your home, there will be rooms in which an expansive curved or grand staircase just isn’t practical. Most of the luxury homes we build for prefer spiral staircases as space-saving options in rooms like the kitchen, library, or den. Yet a luxury homeowner frequently has a specific theme for his or her home, and there’s no reason why a spiral staircase can’t fit right in.



How Custom Stair Parts Enhance Luxury Spiral Staircases

One of the ways in which we tailor luxury spiral staircases to fit specific homes is through the creative use of custom stair parts. Railings, balusters, and newels are generally used to distinguish Gothic staircases from Colonial, Mediterranean, and so on. By incorporating our finely crafted wood, iron, and aluminum stair parts into our luxury spiral staircases, we make them anything but plain.

Even though most luxury spiral staircases are found indoors, we have helped more than one client who wanted elegant spiral stairs attached to an outdoor deck. Historical homes in particular often call for ornate balustrades on outdoor spiral stairs. Whatever your ideal set of stairs, our experienced craftsmen are here to assist in making your dream staircase a physical reality.

Whether you are in the process of building a home or looking to refurbish the one you already have, our custom stairs add unparalleled beauty and elegance to your home. We can even build precise historical replications for those who are interested.

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