Custom Designed & Built Aluminum Spiral Staircases

Aluminum spiral stairs offer both visual and practical appeal for the discerning home owner. Indoors or out, spiral staircases make the most of the least amount of space without looking crowded or awkward. So many people love the look of aluminum spiral stairs–regardless of how much space they have–that we at The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company are filling more and more orders for them.

Because we base our design and manufacturing process on client specifications, we are able to offer a truly unlimited variety of aluminum spiral stairs from which to choose. Whether you want your aluminum stairs painted to match your décor or unpainted for a raw, industrial look, we are happy to oblige. Our experienced craftsmen have an average of 20 years experience apiece, and they use that experience to make sure you get the exact spiral stairs you have in mind.

Add Some Pizzazz with Customized Aluminum Spiral Stairs

Aluminum spiral stairs add a bit of pizzazz where straight or curved stairs might not. Of course, we make plenty of spiral staircases out of the world’s finest hardwoods too. Our philosophy is that you know what you want better than anyone, so we let you tell us whether your stairs would look better in wood or aluminum.

We can share our design experience with you if you don’t have a specific look in mind. Our color catalog of gorgeous custom stairs is available for your viewing online, and we can send more pictures upon request.

Let’s get started! Get your free consultation today.

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