Handcrafted Spiral Staircases

Custom Handcrafted Spiral Stair Designs

What do you look for in handcrafted spiral staircases? Can you imagine if your stair manufacturer never asked you that? Believe it or not, not every manufacturer does ask such questions. Some have a predetermined set of designs that they try to push on you so that their work will be easier. With these types of companies, your choices in handcrafted spiral staircases are somewhat limited.

At The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company, we handle things a bit differently. We have no predetermined set of custom spiral staircase designs, although we can certainly show you many examples of our work. Our goal, however, is not to try to sell you on designs we already know, it’s to build you a one-of-a-kind set of stairs that will fit your unique home style.


Take Advantage of Our Experience in Building Handcrafted  Staircases

Our craftsmen each have an average tenure of 20-30 years of experience, and in that time they’ve built many handcrafted spiral staircases. Their wealth of knowledge grows with each staircase they build, and they pass the benefit of that growth onto each new client. Without making handcrafted spiral staircases that conform to individual client specifications, our artisans would just be building the same stairs over and over and learning very little.

In addition to experienced craftsmen and top quality building materials, we also offer our clients the benefits of our many innovations in stair construction. We’ve mastered many building techniques that result in easy assembly and squeak-free staircases. Whether you wish to install spiral stairs for indoor or outdoor applications (or both), we can make your wish a reality.

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