Why Buy Prebuilt Stairs?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in the stair industry. 

The reason behind buying custom pre-built wood stairs is the same as the rational behind buying kitchen cabinets for your new home from a reputable cabinet company.

For most people building their dream home, the stairway is a very important piece to the home building puzzle. The stairway is one of the most functional pieces of furniture in the home.  The grand stairway is usually the first impression people have when entering your home, and usually the last impression they have when leaving.  The stairway also gives a statement of quality and sets the tone for excellent construction.  More importantly, many family photos are placed in the stairwell creating lasting family memories.

Very rarely, if ever, will you see carpenters on the jobsite designing, measuring, figuring, pre-finishing and installing their self-built kitchen cabinets.  Many carpenters are educated and talented enough to build basic cabinets and stairs, but most carpenters lack the proper tools, equipment and design know-how to complete the task to the fullest potential. In fact, custom staircases have more design parameters than cabinetry and should be treated with the same fine regard as custom cabinetry. 

Our stair company operates in a full service capacity by educating consumers and by carefully handcrafting their dream design ideas. 

Similar to tryting to build fine cabinetry in the field, conditions to do so are less than desirable.  Quality control is near impossible to maintain, tolerances are difficult to hold and the space needed to accomplish this task at any jobsite would be immense. 

Likewise, most contractors or builders go to a kitchen design center to choose selections, create designs, sizes and finish colors from professionals who do this on a daily basis. We at Great Lakes Stair & Millwork treat our company purpose much the same way as any high end cabinet company would do so for their customers. 

Buying your custom stairway from Great Lakes Stair & Millwork will ensure exacting specifications, premium materials, unique design ideas, artistic finishes, certified installation and attention to every detail, all shipped directly to your home or jobsite.

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