Which Stair Type Best Suits Your Home?

There are many wonderful types of stairs that can create an elegant, modern or traditional feel in your home. Whether you are building a new house, remodeling or adding a second level to your home, it is important to select a staircase that fits your style as well as the style of the house.
Our passion as a stair company is creating the perfect custom staircase design for each and every client. Let’s discuss the basics of the top 5 stair types that you may be considering for your home.

Circular Stairs are sure to add that “wow” factor to your home. This staircase design adds a sweeping and glamorous look to any space. If you’re searching for circular staircase ideas, be sure to check out our staircase gallery. The build of circular stairs should be custom to fit the specific space of your house. They can include a center post that the stairs curve around, or they can have more of a free standing look and be cushioned against a wall.

Curved Stairs can be created in various shapes, some with a more dramatic incline than others. No matter how you design your curved staircase, it is sure to be a statement piece in your home as this shape commands attention. Depending on the space available in your home, you may prefer to have the staircase built free standing, or maybe it would be better suited nestled into a curved wall. The choice is yours when you are designing your very own custom stairs. Our gallery has many curved staircase ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Flared Stairs are a great way to add a lot of elegance without making a huge statement. This is a great option if your home is already being built, perhaps with a straight staircase, but you would like to add a touch of design to the staircase. Many builders will be able to add the flared option into the plans at the last minute. If space is a premium but you want a special staircase for your home, look for flared staircase ideas in our staircase gallery.

Spiral Stairs add a unique visual element to any space, and can be a great conversation starter when you have visitors to you home. This staircase design isn’t well suited for all people, so it may be best to use it as a secondary staircase in a family home. Keep in mind that spiral stairs can be built in various materials, from wood to metal to glass. Each of these materials will offer a different look that can be chosen to suit the style of your home. Our staircase gallery has a section of images that will provide you with spiral staircase ideas.

Straight Stairs can be space savers and are perfect for a home that may be short on space. This type of stair has no turns, curves or landings, and is shaped exactly as the name suggests, straight. While it may sound like straight stairs are a bit boring, they don’t have to be! The materials you use can make your straight staircase very modern and elegant. If you’re looking for straight staircase ideas, make sure to look at the collection of photos in our staircase gallery.

No matter which type of stair design best suits you and your home, the stair builders at Great Lakes Stair & Millwork can build them for you. Our experienced master craftsmen have extensive knowledge of the stair building process and have helped to build many custom staircase designs over the years. Contact us today for a quote for your project.