Stair Architecture in Florida

It is well known that Florida is on the receiving end of some of the best weather in the country, the state is even nicknamed “The Sunshine State” as if to prove a point; this state is a great state to live in. Southern Florida in particular seems to have perpetually warm and sunny weather. Many aspects of this part of the United States reflect the fact that the state of Florida depends on this weather as one of its best natural resources. The economy of this state often thrives due to the high number of visitors from outside calling Florida their home for extended periods over the colder winter months. In addition to this, amusement parks and natural habitats are peppered through the landscape of southern Florida. It is safe to say that the climate of this area influences just about every aspect of life here, especially the architecture.

The architecture found throughout Florida, and southern Florida in particular, is also largely influenced by the Spanish culture that was in place prior to the European settlement of America. Today areas such as Miami, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Orlando strongly reflect this architectural influence in the design of private residences as well as commercial structures and public buildings. The type of architecture in this region has been referred to as Art Deco, Florida International, and Miami Modern. All of these types are distinct from each other, yet each carries with it the rich tradition and history of the culture that preceded it. Many ocean front homes in this state are custom built with safety in mind in order to be able to safeguard against multiple storms and hurricanes. It is not uncommon to find large homes with traditional exteriors filled with custom interiors such as custom stair cases alongside any other particular areas that the original designer of the home wished to include when leaving their fingerprints on the overall architecture of Florida.

Today Florida is the 4th most populated state in the nation behind California, Texas, and New York respectively and it is the largest state in the southeastern region of the United States. Its population is as diverse as it is expansive and continues to show growth on a regular basis. Tourism and agriculture have served as the basis for Florida’s economy and continue to thrive today. Florida is known throughout the rest of the country as an area to move to during one’s retirement as well as a great area to visit on vacation due to its dozens of amusement parks. It is said that the further north a person travels in Florida, the further south they get. This reflects the strong roots connecting Florida to the rest of the American South throughout many of the farming communities in Florida. This once again echoes the diversity one can find in Florida. Whether an individual is looking at the economy, the architecture, or the overall history of Florida, one theme that remains a constant is diversity. If you need custom stairs built, Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Co is the stair builder in Florida for you, contact us to learn more about our expertise.

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