Flooring for Stairs: Choose Floors for Your Staircase Design

When it comes to deciding which flooring to use for your stairs, you must keep in mind that a staircase is a high traffic area and the materials used need to be able to withstand the amount of use they will receive. Whether you’re building a residential staircase or a commercial staircase, the same amount of thought and planning need to be used when choosing materials. Some of the most durable materials available are used on staircases, like carpet, tile, glass and wood.

While hardwood stairs have an allure, there is also something comforting about a carpeted staircase. Let’s look a little closer at each of these materials as you work towards choosing the flooring that would best suit your staircase design.               

Carpet: When it comes to stairs, carpet is one of the most popular choices for flooring. This material is wonderful for stairs because it comes in so many different colors and materials, and because it can reduce noise and increase traction. In addition, using carpet on your staircase can decrease the amount of dust in your home. Overall, carpet is a great material for use on a staircase and it can be used as a stair runner in conjunction with wood stairs for an elegant, yet safe staircase.

Tile: Beautiful and durable, tile can be a great material for a staircase in a home or office. Unlike carpet, however, tile can become slippery and may pose a safety hazard if it becomes wet. If you choose to use tile as the flooring for your stairs, make sure that you install handrails as an added safety measure, and always use caution on the stairs if they become wet or slick.

Glass: Stairs made of glass are rare, but they are a stunning work of art. Since glass can come in various thickness and texture it is important that you work with your stair builder to ensure that you are choosing the proper glass for use in a staircase. This versitle material will create a dramatic impact on your space- consider using colored glass or LED lighting as a bold design choice for your glass staircase.

Wood Stairs: One of the most popular types of flooring for stairs is wood. Wood comes in various sizes, colors and patterns and can be stained to match the rest of your home. When it comes to hardwood stairs, you will want to practice the same safety measures as you would with tile or glass as wood stairs can become slippery when wet. As mentioned previously, adding a carpet runner can increase the safety of wood stairs while still creating a beautiful design.

No matter which of these durable materials you choose as the flooring for your staircase, rest easy knowing that they will withstand the use they will receive in a high traffic area. There are other materials that can be used in building a staircase, but work with your stair builder to make sure you are choosing the flooring that will make the most sense for your space and planned use.

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