Custom Built Exterior Staircases

Exterior staircases can be a stunning visual element that enhances the curb appeal of any residential or commercial property. There are many unique materials and designs for exterior stairs that can really change the way your home or office looks. Let’s explore some great staircase ideas that were executed by our builders as well as some additional ideas that could spark your imagination for your project.

Exterior Metal Staircase:

Chosen because of its ability to withstand the elements, metal can be a great alternative to wood for your exterior staircase. However, the combination of wood and metal can also create a striking visual for your outdoor space. The cedar stairs in this project were part of an exterior staircase that included glass, wood and metal in the design. When you are planning your project, remember that mixing materials can create a unique look and become a truly stunning addition to your space.

Exterior Spiral Staircase:

The twists, turns and curves of spiral staircases have captured the imagination of people for centuries. While first used in the Middle Ages within the walls of castles, these beautiful stairs are popping up inside and outside of homes across the world. In this exterior spiral staircase, you will notice the sand color of the steps, which was done for aesthetics but also with purpose. When building your own spiral staircase for your outdoor space, make sure that you use a form of weatherproofing, such as the powder coating used in this project, to ensure the beauty of your investment lasts for years to come.

Another example of deck stairs with a spiral twist, this metal staircase was installed through an exterior spiral staircase kit. The black color created a unique depth against the light brown color of the exterior of the home. Additionally, it created an efficient use of space while connecting the deck to the lower patio. When you want an exterior staircase that won’t take over the space, but still commands attention, consider choosing a spiral design.

Wood Stairs:

The traditional staple for your outdoor space, wood stairs are reliable and functional for any space. In this example, we installed a wooden staircase as a fire escape and rear access for a multifamily unit. But even on the smaller scale, a set of pine wood stairs can make a beautiful addition, where other stairs may have served just a functional purpose, with no aesthetic appeal.

No matter if the exterior staircase you need is large or small, straight or spiral, we can work with you to make your vision come alive! Decades of experience and satisfied clients are a testament to the work that will be put into making your new stairs more than just a functional part of your home or office.

All of our craftsmen have a passion and love for their work and for the clients that we service. Please reach out to us for a quote and let’s discuss your project. We work all over the country and can’t wait to work with you. 

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