Spiral Staircases by Great Lakes Stair

Spiral Staircases by Great Lakes Stair

When you are considering a custom spiral staircase, Great Lakes Stair can work with you closely to bring your vision into reality. At Great Lakes Stair we can design, build and install a custom spiral staircase for the most modest of budgets or for projects where cost isn’t the number one concern. Our spiral staircase projects are more about will the spiral staircase satisfy the form and function required for the customer’s needs.

At Great Lakes Stair we have done a wide variety of custom spiral staircase jobs that use materials such as wood, metal, glass, vinyl and combinations. We have even made spindles for spiral staircases out of tree branches! As long as it meets safety criteria we can build it. Additionally, we have done custom treads and custom center poles out of a variety of materials to achieve the look that customers envision. Often, we have built custom spiral staircases for customers using wood from their property, for a truly one-of-a-kind custom spiral staircase.

When choosing a manufacturer to design and build your custom spiral staircase it is important to consider the importance of longevity and experience in the stair manufacturing industry. For over 33 years, Great Lakes Stair has been helping customers with their spiral staircase projects. After being in business that long with the same phone number, same bricks and mortar manufacturing facility, and same website (sine the 1990’s), Great Lakes Stair has developed a reputation as a world leader in the design and fabrication of spiral staircases.

What Advantages Do Spiral Staircases Offer?

Spiral staircases are best to be used for ease of access in a small area. With a standard 5’-3” finish square opening, we can do a lot with a spiral staircase to traverse between floors. Additionally, spiral staircases are great conversation starters as they are visually different from standard staircases that you see in a home or business. You do not see spiral staircases all the time in the design of a home, so they tend to stand out when implemented.  The best part about a spiral staircase is that it does “a lot” in a “little” space while looking extremely architecturally aesthetic!

While we are big fans of spiral staircases here at Great Lakes Stair, there are some key points to keep in mind if you are considering implementing a spiral staircase system:

  • Spiral staircases can’t be used as the main staircase in a home or business.
  • Spiral staircases are not deemed good as a fire escape, and they also limit gurney and fire hose access.
  • It is difficult, if not impossible, to move furniture between floors with a spiral staircase.
  • Spiral staircases cannot be used as bedroom only access.
  • Sometimes spiral staircases can be intimidating to people to traverse, especially seniors and young children and also pets.

If constructed and used properly, spiral staircases can be a beautiful and safe addition to your home or business where only personal access to an area is needed.

Great Lakes Stair, Your #1 Manufacturer for Spiral Staircases

With over 33 years of longevity and industry experience in spiral staircases, Great Lakes Stair is unparalleled in the design, fabrication, and installation of custom spiral staircases.  Because of our significant background and reputation in the spiral staircase industry, we know what types of questions to ask our customers, questions you have not even thought of to ensure a great project.

We can save our customers time and money because in our 33 years, we’ve seen what works best, and what doesn’t and can help educate and guide our customers on their custom spiral staircase project. 

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