Production Stairs: Beautiful, Custom Handmade Stairs That Fit Your Budget And Schedule

Production Stairs: Beautiful, Custom Handmade Stairs That Fit Your Budget And Schedule

In the staircase manufacturing industry, the term “production stairs” has often come to symbolize cheap, inexpensive, or poorly built stairs. At Great Lakes Stair, nothing could be further from the truth!

Our production staircases are beautiful, custom handmade staircases that are designed and planned in such a way that they can be produced repetitively, quickly, and economically. We can determine all of the specifications, sizing, and logistics for production stairs in advance and have the stairs built and standing by in our facility, ready to ship to adhere to builder’s production schedules. Production stairs are built and used in high-end apartment buildings, condominiums, assisted living facilities, basically anywhere we can repeat the staircase specifications.

Materials and Staircase Types for Production Stairs

At Great Lakes Stair, we have no limitations on material selections or staircase type for our production staircase projects. Any materials that we would use for a one-of-a-kind staircase can be used for a production staircase project. Once we have the initial design and specifications locked in for the production stairs, it is simply a matter of repeating the process.

For example, we recently completed a project which required 88 circular stairs that were installed in condominiums in Sarasota, Fl. They were beautiful, heirloom quality handmade staircases, which we were able to produce efficiently for the builder because we did not have to go back to the drawing board and redesign the stairs every single time.

What Makes Great Lakes Stair The Best Company To Work With On Production Stairs?

When it comes to the specialty niche of production stairs, Great Lakes Stair has the longevity and experience that builders need to make the process smooth, efficient, economical, and successful. With over 30 years of education in all things related to staircase manufacturing, our customers benefit from us not making the same mistakes over and over again. We are always learning so our customers can look to us for advice on their production stair projects. We make it easy for our customers because we can discuss candidly what has worked for us in the past, and what has failed, which helps our customers avoid bad situations.

Additionally, we also offer pre-finishing services for our production stair projects so that our customers do not have to finish the stairs after installation. Most production stair manufacturers do not offer this pre-finishing service. With Great Lakes Stair, simply take the protective wrap off the staircase, and you have a finished piece of furniture ready to install.

We can provide a turn-key service yet still keep the process streamlined and maintain a builder’s production schedule.

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